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Welcome to INL’s Decision Support Systems tools of the Systems Science and Engineering group. The group designs, develops, optimizes, advances, and deploy complex networked systems that ensure economic and energy efficiency.

The group is composed on individuals and teams with multi-disciplinary skills—mathematics, statistics, engineering, computer science, economics, modeling and simulation, operations research, data analytics and geospatial data science.


Decision Support Tools

Decision Support Tools refer to a wide range of computer-based tools including simulation models, data-intensive techniques and methods, developed to support decision analysis and help public and private decision makers envision a clean and sustainable energy future. Each of the featured models are developed by different teams from the Dynamic and Spatial Systems group and released as open-source. Although the content here mirrors the posted content on GitHub, this platform provides a one-stop shop with improved features:

  1. Browsing by topic
  2. Downloading files not available on GitHub due to size constraints
The models listed on this Website are grouped into five topics:
Supply Chain & Market Analysis

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Energy Deployment And Planning

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Operations Research

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If you need technical assistance with this webpage, please contact [email protected].

If you have questions about model details, methodologies and coding, please contact the model’s authors.

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